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Animal Jam Guide

As a child if you really desire to play massive multiplayer online game, there is no other better option than National Geographic Animal Jam. The game was launched in 2010 and it experienced 5% growth every year in terms of registered members. Game was developed by WildWorks and now it has got more than 30 million registered players. Without any doubt, Animal Jam in one of the most liked and fastest growing online kids community. It is the game which will allow your child to interact with other kids online and enjoy the wonderful virtual world of Jamma. The game costs nothing if you opt for free membership. Even in the free membership, you are allowed to access many mini games.

In the game, you are asked to create your own pet character. It is pretty interesting select a pet with different capabilities and look. As a player, you can dress it up and control its movement while playing the game. Now if you are interested in playing the game with original six virtual animals you need to select one out panda, koala, monkey, wolf, tiger and rabbit. The developers of the game are pretty much interested in launching more animals and in near future, you can expect your own favorite character to be part of the game.

In order to win the game or boost your chances of winning, you need enough gems and diamonds in your gaming account. With these virtual currencies, you can boost the power of your pet animal and can even access many exciting items and accessories to decorate your den. Attaining virtual currencies of the game in huge numbers is extremely crucial and in order to achieve the cause, interested gamers can look to apply animal jam hack. With these tools, it becomes possible to generate plenty of gems and diamonds and that too without spending any money. Yes, you are required to use quality animal jam codes that are safe to use and will not get your gaming account banned.

The developers of the game have paid special attention to the communication and safety. Basically, three versions of the in-game chat have been introduced. In the restricted chat, players are only allowed you to use pre-selected words.  The second chat option is bubble chat where, players are not allowed to send any messages but surely the can make use of the expressive words. The last chat option is the safe chat. With the safe chat, players can make use of their own words and phrases. Yes, still the words and phrases must pass the safety chat filter. Parents can easily control the chat settings of the child in order to make sure no abusive language is used. The game doesn’t offer any external advertisement and it follows highly strict privacy policy. Overall, the entire concept of playing Animal Jam is pretty exciting and wonderful. It will not only offer enormous fun to your child but cover many important educational elements.

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