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HawaiianFabricShop.com's Fast Facts About HawaiiHawaiianFabricShop.com's Fast Facts About Hawaii
Facts about the 50th State.

FREE Island Desktop WallpaperFREE Island Desktop Wallpaper
You're just a few mouse clicks away from enjoying a beautiful wallpaper on your desktop! Select from downloadable tropical coconut trees, to Oahu's North Shore to the peaceful sunset on the Kohala Coast.

HawaiianFabricShop.com Craft Project: Decorative Lauhala Gift BoxHawaiianFabricShop.com Craft Project: Decorative Lauhala Gift Box
These Lauhala Gift Boxes are perfect for year-round gift giving and can be used for storing knicknacks once the gift has been opened.

HawaiianFabricShop.com Craft Project: Tropical SatchesHawaiianFabricShop.com Craft Project: Tropical Satches
Tropical Satches are perfect as inexpensive, handmade party favors!

The Hawaiian LeiThe Hawaiian Lei
Lei is Hawaiian for "garland" or "wreath." A lei can be any series of objects strung together on a line and tied to form a ring, for wearing around the neck or on the head (as is done with haku lei).

Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe RacingHawaiian Outrigger Canoe Racing
Outrigger canoe racing, or "paddling" as it is referred to by Hawaii locals, is a sport with origins in the Hawaiian Islands and enjoyed worldwide.

A dance form incorporating chant or song, hula was developed by the ancient Polynesians who settled the Hawaiian Islands. There are two styles of hula: the kahiko, accompanied by chants (mele) and traditional instruments...

Luau - A Traditional Hawaiian FeastLuau - A Traditional Hawaiian Feast
A luau is a traditional Hawaiian feast based on the concept and practice of aha'aina, or gathering for a meal.

Hawaiian TapaHawaiian Tapa
The ancient Hawaiians used the bark cloth or kapa of the Paper Mulberry plant to make tapa, their primary material for clothing.

The Official State Flower: HibiscusThe Official State Flower: Hibiscus
There is no single flower as widely associated with the Hawaiian Islands as the Hibiscus. This exotic blossom is not only the official State Flower of Hawaii (the Pua Aloalo, or Hibiscus brackenridgei), it is also recognized as a symbol of the tropics and of island culture, worldwide.

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